About Christin Rose

About Christin Rose

"I was raised with the belief that if you work hard and treat people with kindness anything is possible.  This philosophy has carried into my professional career and something I believe comes through in my photos"

– Christin Rose


Christin Rose lives to make people FEEL GOOD through her lens. Her upbeat and enthusiastic vibe drive her work. She looks at each opportunity to photograph someone as a chance to tell their story, to celebrate who they are.

Nearly 4 years ago, Rose started ‘She Plays, We Win’ a project that would go onto spark a conversation about the positive effects that athletics create for young women. Inspired by her own experiences in sports, this project is the heartbeat of her photography.

Empowering women and girls is a theme that is carried through all of her work. 
She's often found on the road but currently lives in Austin, Texas with her husband River Jordan.


A Couple other things to Know about C ROSE:

-She insisted on having a yacht rock band at her wedding. 
-Stevie Nicks is her spirit animal.
-She is known to pump up the music + start dancing to keep the vibes going on set.
-She is a Loud & Proud University of Oregon Alum.
-She is obsessed with the color Turquoise…like seriously obsessed…
-She drives a Jeep Wrangler...always has, always will. 


About Christin Rose


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She Plays We Win

‘She Plays We Win’ is now an ongoing photo series, a movement, and a community dedicated to uplifting young women in athletics. With the mission of sparking a conversation about the positive & life-long effects that athletics create for young women - Rose believes that strength is beautiful,  perseverance is power, and confidence is super cool.  

This photography project is her outlet. Look into the eyes of her portraits, and you see a confidence not only blossoming, but radiating from girls who've just uncovered the well of strength their bodies are capable of. For girls without the resources and encouragement around them, #ShePlaysWeWin proves that if they hear within them a calling to crawl in the dirt, hop on a board, sweat, stink, bleed – do anything duplicitously branded "unladylike" by who-cares-who – then it's all theirs for the taking. That their lives are written not by their gender, not by their society, not by their surrounding media and not even by fate, but themselves and themselves alone. (from Free People Blog)

Opening a world of possibilities to girls, at an age of self-definition when they need it most.
She Plays We Win
She Plays We Win
She Plays We Win